Leifer Capital Advisers, LLC 

Formed in 1997, Leifer Capital Advisers, LLC is the investment firm through which I kept on top of my family's investments and conducted my pro bono financial work.

Today I am a fiduciary for nearly 150 endowments and family foundations with over $3 billion of invested assets. 

My two areas of interest are professionalizing endowment management for non-profits and educating the next generation of investment professionals. 

Despite obtaining undergraduate and graduate degrees from Wharton, I felt woefully unprepared for the real world of money management. 

I believe I was the only one in my class of 700 that went directly into equity portfolio management.

To better equip myself, I sat for the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) exams, earning charter #7401 in September 1983.

Upon completion of the CFA program, I became the portfolio manager of the Fidelity Contrafund and I ran it and its sister fund, Fidelity Trend, during much of the 80's and 90's. 

Incredibly, this now makes me among the most experienced 5% of the profession.

When I was a Fidelity research director I continued to require the CFA program for our staff.

When I retired, Bob Pozen asked me to join his team and to use my contacts in the business school world to adopt courses that better prepared the next generation of finance majors to be leaders in the mutual fund business.

The Mutual Fund Business (2nd Edition)

Over the next 18 months I visited or spoke to faculty at nearly 100 business schools about how best to use "The Mutual Fund Business" and its cases to educate 21st century MBA's.

While at Fidelity, I limited my outside fiduciary roles.

But, when news of my retirement became public, I was inundated with requests to Chair endowment committees for mid-sized Jewish non-profits.

Heading back to school, I attended the Commonfund Endowment Institute at Harvard Business School and founded the Jewish Community Endowment Pool (JCEP).

JCEP is a pro bono effort of the money management  community of Boston to incorporate the best principles of asset allocation and portfolio diversification into the network of schools, temples, hospitals, social service agencies and philanthropies that we care about.