It's Not Just a Job ... It's an Adventure!

Having sown our "wild oats" before we met each other, Marcia and I were ready to get "down to business" soon after we were married.

Despite our surface incompatibility (hyper versus laid back, talkative versus taciturn, social versus shy) we agreed on the key values -- family, religion, parenthood, and community.

After having 3 kids in 5 years and taking on increasing responsibility in the community and in Fidelity (which had grown from nowhere to be the largest investment firm on the planet), I needed to catch my breath.

After five more years at Fidelity I was ready to focus full time on the Jewish public service agenda and to take advantage of of my new "free" time to round out the family.

In 1998 Veronica joined Jessica, Rebecca, and Ben and our family was complete.

The pace of our family activities increased exponentially. Academics, Jewish studies, dance, piano, soccer, drums, drama, concerts, recitals, football, karate, basketball, bar/bat mitzvahs, international travel, driver's ed and communty service- whew!

I marveled at our kids' capacity to tackle it all with grace and composure. Seeing them on stage was a great thrill for me -- I always had butterflies in my stomach before any public presentation.

While having three teens (and one who is sure she is a teen also) simultaneously is a challenge, Marcia and I are very proud of the young adults the kids have turned out to be and look forward to the joy they will continue to bring into our lives.

The links to the right highlight the kids schools, camps, performing arts and community service projects.